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Meet the Coach

Rob Ebin

I have over 20 years of coaching experience. 

I have seen it ALL. I have helped and coached:

  • Teens preparing for sports

  • Heart Disease Patients

  • Competitive CrossFit athletes

  • Individuals diagnosed with Alzheimers

  • Spartan Racers and Trail Runners

  • People diagnosed with cancer

  • Individuals getting ready for military training

  • People with prior injuries to knees, back, elbows and more

...and many, many more. 

I can train anyone from hard chargers to individuals trying to restart their lives.

Some of my fitness career accomplishments include::

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

CPR/AED Certified

2013 CF Regionals Team Competitor

2017 Wodapalooza Masters Qualifier 35-39

2019 Southwest Championships WINNER 40-44

2020 Strength in Depth Qualifier 40-44

2020 Norwegian CrossFit Championship Qualifier 40-44

2020 Wodapalooza Masters Qualifier 40-44

2020 Atlas Games Qualifier 40-44

2021 Masters Legends Qualifier 40-44

Specialty Certifications in Mobility, Gymnastics and Strongman




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