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Week of Thanksgiving!

Parentheses are for home clients that can't do the movements as is


A. Clean and Jerk- one rep@88% every 2 minutes for 6 sets

(Deadlifts or RDLx8x5-lighter is ok)

B1. Strict Pressx2x4@88%

(Strict Pressx5x5)

B2. Box Walksx180 each wayx4

(Plank Walkoutsx5x4)

4 rounds of:

1 min Burpees

Rest 30 sec

1 min Shoulder to Overhead@95/65 (DBS or lighter work here)

Rest 30 sec

1 min Power Cleans@95/65 (DBS or lighter work here)

Rest 30 sec


A. Back Squatx2x4@88% (DB Split Squatsx8/legx4)

B1. Strict Pull Upx3-5 Repsx3-if you can hold at top for 3 seconds, 3 second lower

(ASST pull up or ring row)

B2. Pendlay Rowx5x3 (these are bent over rows)

Row 1000M

3 rounds

25 Pull Ups (adjust down if need be)

50 Air Squats

Row 1000M

No rower? Run 800M or low box step ups for 3 minutes


4 rounds

10 Hollow Rocks

:15 Hollow Hold

10 Arch Ups

:15 Arch Hold

5 Strict T2B/HKR

:10 Tuck or L sit

20 Abmat sit ups

Rest 3 min

22 min AMRAP

200 FT Sandbag Walk (hold a heavy weight at chest for :45)

100 FT Sled Push (10 Weighted lunges)

5 HSPU (10 Push Ups)

250 M Ski or Row (skip this)

50 DU/100 Singles

3 Clean and Jerk-heavy (10 clean and jerk light)


THANKSGIVING! Don't eat toooooo much.



21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Front squats Bar-facing burpees *200-m sandbag carry after each round

♀ 75-lb. squat, 50-lb. sandbag ♂ 115-lb. squat, 80-lb. sandbag

U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Larry D. Harris, Jr., 25, was killed in a fire fight on July 1, 2010, while serving as Fire Team Leader, 3d Squad, 81 Millimeter Mortar Platoon, Weapons Company, Third Battalion, First Marines, Regimental Combat Team 7, FIRST Marine Division (Forward), I MEF (Forward) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Harris was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in action. As stated in his letter of commendation: “When the squad’s machine gunner was shot in the leg, Corporal Harris immediately moved from his covered position while still under heavy fire, with complete disregard for his own safety … . Corporal Harris unhesitatingly picked up the wounded Marine and carried him to the medical evacuation site, once again exposing himself to effective enemy fire from multiple directions. As he moved through a vineyard while carrying the wounded Marine, Corporal Harris struck an improvised explosive device, absorbing the majority of the explosion with his body. Although his injuries would prove fatal, Corporal Harris ultimately saved the life of the wounded Marine.”

Harris is survived by his wife, Stacia Janice Harris, and his parents, Bruce and Lora Merriweather.


Teams of 2-if working solo, do half!

3 rounds

30/35 Cal Bike (this should take 3-4 minutes a round if subbing running etc)

48 Strict Press@75/55

50 DB Step Ups@50/35

100 FT HS Walk (Each) (40 shoulder taps)

250 DU/500 singles


Pick a machine and yes you can change

20 sec moderate

20 sec faster

20 sec fastest



5 min easy

5 min harder


to break this up, change machine type or even throw in burpees, box jumps, rope etc

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