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Week of September 20, 2021-October 4

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Please note. There are two weeks here as I am headed to Italy for a week


A1. Power Snatchx3x4@80%

A2. Face Pullsx20x4

A3. Wall Handstand holdx30 secondsx4-stomach to wall&back to wall-practice both

12-9-6-9-12 OHS@heavier than normal



A. Kipping Pull up/MU PRACTICE-if you do not have a strict pull up-complete 10 pull up negatives. If you are good at these, do EMOM 10-3-5 reps

B1. Box jump from seated positionx1x5

B2. Broad Jumpx3x5

5 rounds

300m row

10 T2B

15 wall ball


A1. Front Squatx4x3@80% x4x2@85

A2. Back Rack Bulgarian Split Squatx10/legx5

30 burpees

50 Thrusters@75/55

150 DU

50 Power Clean@95/65

30 burpees


A. Hang Power Cleanx2x5@80%

B1. L or Tuck Sitx5-15 secondsx4-focus on position!

B2. Arch Hold with PVCx30 secx4

10 Deadlift@225/155

10 box jump overs

60 sec.on the AB @ 90%

rest 2 minutes x 4


Teams of 2 must complete the following:

1 mile run

30 Front Squats@heavy

100 Push Ups

70 Wall Ball

200 double unders

1000 M Row

200 double unders

70 Wall Ball


30 Front Squats@heavy

1 mile run


500M Run@80%

200M Easy Run

100M Sprint

Rest 5 minx3


15 min AMRAP

50 FT OH Walking Lunge

:15 sec Tuck or L Sit

15 GHD sit ups

:15 sec HS Hold


A. Hang Snatchx2x5- between 70-80%

B. Barbell Bent Over Rowx5X4 off feel

3 rounds

10 power clean@155/105

15 pull ups

20 cal row


A. Front Squat x4x5@85%

B. Benchx5x5 off feel

6 min amrap

12 box jumps

24 wall ball

rest 2 min

6 min amrap

12 ring dips

24 walking lunge steps

rest 2 min

6 min amrap

12 push ups

24 air squats


A1. Clean (full squat)@75%x2x4

B1. Clean Shrugsx5x4@125% of clean-stand tall and shrug the bar.

B2. DU work-1 minute in between each set

20 minute amrap

50 double unders

20 burpees over bar

10 Deadlifts@225/155

200 M Run


A. Push Pressx5x5

B1. OHSx2x5

B2. GHD Sit upx10-15x3 (Abmatx25x3)

2 rounds

25/20 Cal AB


Rest=1/2 work time

30/20 Cal Row

25 T2B

Rest-1/2 Work


A. Back Squat x4x5@85%

B. 3 sets 5 kick up to Handstand-off wall if possible (use a friend!!!) 15 tuck ups 10 side plank ups/side 15 arch ups 15 hollow rocks 800 M Run Buy IN 21-15-9 Clean Pull up (CTB if possible)

200M Run Cash Out


Teams of 3

One person does AB for 15/10 Cals,

2 people, one working:

100 Deadlifts

200 Push ups

100 DB Snatches

100 box jump overs

100 DBall

*every 5 minutes, teams must complete 6 rope climbs


500 M run, rest 90 sec

400 M run, rest 75 sec

300 M run, rest 60 sec

200 M run, rest 45 sec

100 M run

Rest as needed


cals on rower

push up

air squat


A. Clean and Jerkx1x2@70% x1x2@75% x1x3@80%

B. Front squatx3x2@70% x3x3@75%

Wodapalooza Workout 1

8 minutes to complete

4 rounds of

8 burpee box jump overs

8 Hang Power Snatch@115/75

8 Thrusters

If you finish 4 rounds, you get 7 more minutes to complete 4 more rounds

Scale to appropriate weight and use stepovers if needed to keep moving

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