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Week of Feb. 15, 2021


A. 3 position Clean@65,65,70,70,75,80% (RDLx10x4)

B. Front Squatx3x5@75% (Goblet Squatx5x5)


400 M Run (800M Row)

35 Wall Ball

50 Box Jump Overs

35 Wall Ball

200 M Run (250M Row)


A. 3 Position Snatch-65,65,70,70,75,80%

B. Overhead Squatx3 reps@70%x3 sets, 2 setsx75%

C. 8 min AMRAP

10 Hollow Rocks

:15 Hollow Hold

10 Arch Ups

:15 Arch Hold

20 Abmat sit ups


4 rounds

250M Row

12 OHS

20 Push Ups


A. Hang Power Cleanx2x8-off feel

B1. Strict Pull Upx3-5 Reps-if you can hold at top for 3 seconds, 3 second lower

B2. Pendlay Rowx5x3


10 min on clock

3 Pull ups-if you have CTB/ Bar MU, do them for first 3 rounds

6 Deadlifts@185/125

6 Pull Ups

6 Deadlifts

9 Pull ups

6 Deadlifts

12 Pull Ups

12 Deadlifts

15 Pull ups

12 Deadlifts

18 Pull Ups

12 Deadlifts

21 Pull ups

18 Deadlifts

24 Pull ups

18 Deadlifts

27 Pull ups

18 Deadlifts


A. Push Jerkx3@70,70,70,75,75,75%

B. Back Squatx5x5@75%

3 rounds

500 M Row

25 Thrusters-start very light, each round get heavier

25 T2B


A. Power Snatch (:30 ON/:30 Break), 8 sets (55,55,55,60,65,65,70,70%)

B1. DB Weighted jumpsx5x5

B2. CG Benchx5x5...feel (if you have a shoulder issue, landmine pressx5/sidex4)

100 M Run

7 Clean and Jerk@135/95

Rest=work x7


Row-with partner, one goes, then other


100M Easy

100M Sprint


Rest 5 min

15 min with a partner switching rounds

5 Burpees

10 KBS


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