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Week of Feb. 1 2021

BIG LIFTS ALL THIS WEEK. Option #1-back off and go lighterx5x5. Option #2-im feeling great! Go for a max. Hit any lift you want if maxing....snowmageddon be damned.


A1. Back Squat

A2. BB Box Step up (no higher than 20", use plates if necessary)x5/legx5

A3. Sled push@HEAVY AS HELL-50 FTx5

4 rounds

400 M run (time domain 2 minutes)

100 FT OH walking Lunge95/65

25 Push Ups


A. Power Clean

B1. T2B Swing Workx3

B2. Strict KTE or T2Bx7x3

B3. L or Tuck Sit cluster 5sec.5sec.5secx3

4 min AMRAP

6 Deadlifts@135/95

6 Power Clean

20 Lateral Hops over bar

Rest 90 sec.

2 min AMRAP


Rest 60 sec.



A. Snatch

B1. Half Kneeling Landmine Pressx8/Sidex3

B2. HSPU Negativesx3x3...slow drop!

60 Cal Row

50 ALT DB SNATCH@55/30

40 Burpees


A. Front Squat

B1. Dead Hang to Ball up or Inverted-3 sets of 2-5 reps

B2. 20 GHD Sit Upsx3

15 min AMRAP

10 Cleans@95/65 (full squat)

20 Box Jump Overs

200 M Sandbag Run


A. EMOMx12 minutes

minute 1 = 3-5 strict HSPU

minute 2 = 2 bar pull overs OR 5 Strict Pull ups

minute 3 = 3-5 kipping HSPU

minute 4 = 3-4 bar MU OR 5-7 Kipping Pull ups


Wall Ball


Pull Up


Sleds-3 minute sled pull with partner (rest 3 minutes)x2

2 minute(Rest 2 minute)@heavier weightx2

1 minute(Rest 1 minute)@even heavier weightx2

:30 unweighted sled sprintx2


3 minute "switch"/rest


26 min AMRAP with a partner

500 M Row-switch every 250

30 AB cals-switch every 15

Run 400 M together

50 KBS-switch every 25

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