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Week of August 9, 2021

Hello ALL. After this week, weeks posted will now be Tuesday-Monday as it is hard for me to get workouts up Sunday night.

This is testing week. ALL week if you are not going for heavy singles, do 5 sets of 3 around 75-80%


A. Back Squat-Build to a heavy single (if first 1 RM, get an estimated 1RM from a tough triple or double: If brand new, 5x5)

B. Pick one: Max set of Push ups/HSPU

10 rounds

4 Burpees

6 KBS@70/53

8 Wall Ball


A. Clean

B. Deadlift


Sandbag 2 shoulder

Box Jump 24/20

Rest 3 minutes


Deadlift 225/135

Box Jump 30/24


A. Max set strict pull up-1 attempt

5 rounds

800 M run

30 Power Clean@95/65

30 Pull ups

Clean 4 Eva-MEDIUM

5 rounds

600 M Run

25 Power Clean@95/65

20 Pull ups

Clean 4 EVA-MILD

5 rounds

400 M Run

20 Power Clean@95/65

15 Pull ups


A. Snatch


Row 1K-Treated as a time trial


5 rounds

50 DU

20 Alt DB Snatch


A. Jerk-heavy single

B. Bench-heavy single (hand toss test at some point)

C. Max set T2B-if you do not have T2B, 2 minute abmat test




After every set do 100 M FC




10 min window

400M Run

500M Row

400M Ski

Max Bike cals

Rest 4 min



A1. Snatch Balancex3x5....light and speedy. Hold the OHS for 5 seconds

A2. Kneeling Landmine Pressx5/sidex5

20 min amrap based on cards. Take 5 cards from the deck....


Movement 1- 500 m Row OR 20 AB cals

Movement 2- 15 OHS or 25 goblet squat

Movement 3- 30 lateral hops or 30 DU

Movement 4- 10 db alt snatch or 20 push ups

Movement 5- coach picks an exercise or YOU pick an exercise (10 reps)

*if at home 10 DB manmakers VS 30 lunges

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