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Week of August 16, 2021

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We are backed off this week. If you are at home or solo and cant play games with us, do the suggested lifts and then pick the movements you like for the metcons


A1. Snatch Balancex3x5....light and speedy. Hold the OHS for 5 seconds

A2. Kneeling Landmine Pressx5/sidex5

20 min amrap based on pick em cards. Take 5 cards from the deck....have people select an answer.

Answer 1- 500 m Row OR 20 AB cals

Answer 2- 15 OHS or 25 goblet squat

Answer 3- 30 lateral hops or 30 DU

Answer 4- 10 db alt snatch or 20 push ups

Answer 5- coach picks an exercise or YOU pick an exercise (10 reps)


Rowling-Winners choose movements for other team:

DB Box Step Overs

Air Squats

Walking Lunges

DBALL Squats



Burpee over Ball

Devil Press


Pull Ups

First 3 movements in 12 min AMRAP, rest 3 Min, two movements for 10 Minutes



TWO FIFTEEN MIN AMRAPS with no rest in between



DBALL over shoulder

Wall Ball

DB Squat Cleans

Box Jump Overs

Double unders

Bear crawl

Hang Power Cleans


Farmers Carry

Hand Over Hand Sled

Star Jumps



Everyone starts with two cards

Stand-do nothing

Hit-To earn a "hit", team must run a 50 M per hit

Split-To split, team must do 10/7 AB Cals

Double Down- team must do 10 burpees

ab movements and different running distances on board. if you beat dealer, you pick a movement OR remove reps.

every time a team mate loses to dealer, house earns reps/distance to add to your selected movements.


A. Clean Pull Underx3x3-light and speedy

B. Position 1 Cleansx3x3-a little heavier





Burpee Pull Ups

Tire Flips

Db Squat Cleans

DB OH Walking Lunge

Clean and Jerk




Overhead squat

Prisoner Step Up


Until Rob is done :)

If at home do 3 rounds with partner or HALF reps solo

400M Row

8 Clean and Jerk

12 Pull Ups

8 Hang Power Clean and Jerk

800M Bike



24 Air Squats

400M Run

16 t2b

100 FT Farmers Carry

16 t2b

100 FT Farmers Carry

rest 3 min after each round


20 min AMRAP

20 Cal Row

20 Wall Ball

50 DU

Rest as needed

4 rounds

3 minute clock

16 GHD or tuck ups

8 sandy bags

with rest of time, carry sandbag or ball

Rest 1 minute after rounds


A. Back Squatx8@60%, x6@65%,@70%x6x2

*in between each set

10 arch ups

10 sec arch hold

10 V or tucks ups

10 sec hollow hold

B. Single leg Box Balance squatx5/legx3 (sub for this is rear elevated split squat)

5 rounds

200 M Run

50 FT DB Lunge

10 T2B

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