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Week of August 16

Updated: Aug 17, 2020




Rest 1 minute

2x300M followed by 100 M walk

Rest 3 minutes


Rest 1 minute

3x200M followed by 100 M walk

Rest 3 minutes


Rest 1 minute

4x100M followed by 100 M walk

20 minute MAX

20 Minute

40/30 Cal Row

10 Burpees over the ERG

15 Wall Ball

20 Box Jump overs


A. Hang Snatchx3x3@60%

B. 5 sets

10 Tempo Push Ups

10 Tempo Bodyweght Rows

10 Skull Crushers

10 Curls

5 min amrap

30 DU/60 SU

5 OHS@135/95

Rest 2 min

7 min amrap

30 DU/60 SU

15 OHS@95/65


A. Back Squatx3x3@60%

B. 15 min or 4 sets

20 sec Hollow hold+10 alternating Tuck or V Ups

20 sec Arch Hold+10 alternating arch ups

10 sec side plank hold+5 side plank ups/side


1K Row

35 Burpee Box Jump Overs

50 Deadlifts@225/155


A. Hang Cleanx3x3@60%

B1. Strict Pull up (CTB if possible)x3-5x4

B2. 20 second HS Hold+1 slow negative HSPUx4


22 min AMRAP

200M Run

*after each round complete 1

2 rope climbs



12 Pull Ups

24 Push ups


20 DB Hang Clean and Press


A. Push Pressx3x3@60%

B1. RDLx6x5

B2. GHD Reverse Hypersx10x5


:30 of work/:10 transition of stations-each work interval is hard effort!!! Bike D ball/sandbag Bear Crawl/HSWALK GHD Sit ups/Tuck Ups x5

Friday A. Front Squatx3x3@60% B1. Rear Elevated Split Squatx6/legx3 B2. Strict T2B/HKRx5-7x3 + 3 rounds Bike 24/16 cals 40 FT FR DB Lunge 40 FT Farmers Carry-same weight 15 T2B

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