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Sep 11-Sep 17

Updated: Sep 17, 2023


A. Back Squatx8x2 with 7 second descent....yikes. These will be lighter than the previous two weeks

B. Hspux4x5- pick a version that is strict and tough for you. This can be off a higher box assisted or belly to wall or deficit

20 min amrap@80% effort

24/20 cal bike

10db box stepups

5 strict t2b or hkr

2 rope climbs


A. Snatch Deadlift+Snatch Pull+Power Snatch+Snatchx3-light

B. 3 position snatch+snatch+2 ohsx 3 sets@60% C. Snatch Pullx3x3@80%

40 ghd or 50 tuck or v ups

40 cal row

40 box jump overs

40 ghd or 50 tuck ups


A. Push Pressx2x6@80% B. Bench Pressx2x6@80% C. Single arm rowx8/sidex3

30 minutes

Pick any machine and go steady for 3 minutes.

Get off and perform any high skill or odd object


50 ft hswalk

5 hspu or strict pull ups

5 dball

120 ft carry of any variety

30 crossover single unders

The activity should take about 30 secs and then back to the machine (you can switch machines if you like)



300m@2k pace

100m walk



A. Clean Pull+ Power Clean+Hang Clean+Power Jerkx3@ light and building to

B. Clean+Hang Clean+Jerk+Jerkx4@60-70%

5 sets

10ctb or pullups

10heavy wall ball

10bar facing burpees


Teams of 2 amrap 35-40

Run 1 mile

24 "high skill" push-muscle ups, dips, hspu, push ups

32 burpee db box step overs

24 "high skill" pull-strict pull up asst strict pullup

800m ski


Emom 28

1-15/12 cal row

2-8-12 db thrusters

3-12/9 cal bike

4-8-12 box jump overs

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