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Oct. 31-Nov.5

Updated: Nov 5, 2022


A. Back Squatx6x6-between 70 and 80%

B1-Front foot elevated split squatx10/sidex4

b2-pendlay rowx10x4

b3-plank pull throughx10/sidex4


1-6-8 cals on Bike

2-6-8 DB box stepovers

3-6-8 Ski Cals

4-6-8 Box Jump overs

aim for 35-40 sec of work, reps can be increased or decreased


A. Hang Snatch+OHS+Snatch+OHS

x3 sets-a little heavier than last week

B. Snatch-EMOM 12 nothing over 75%

4 rounds

Run 400M

12 Power Snatch@75/55

8 Barmu/CTB/Pullup


A. Bench Pressx5x5-build each set

B. Close Grip Benchx8x4

c1-Skull Crushersx12x4

c2-bicep curlsx12x4

Every 6 min for 4 sets

10 Clean and Jerk

10-20 Bar facing burpees*

5 Clean and Jerk

*rounds should be around 4-5 minutes


1000M Row/ Rest 2 minx5

Rest as Needed

5-7 rounds

Run 400 Fast

Run 400 Easy


A. Muscle Clean+FS+Press in Split 3+3+3x3

B. Clean+FS+Clean+Jerkx3-last set heavier than last set last week!

C. Pause FSx3x5, 70,70,70,75,75%

3 rounds

100 FT Sandbag bear hug carry

18/15 cal Bike

100 FT Farmers Carry

18/15 Cal Row

100 FT Bear Crawl/HSWALK


Teams of 2

30 MIN AMRAP-partners switch exercises

1 Rope Climb

1 Pass of Walking lunges

10 Cals on Rower (Partner must hold a plank)

Up and Back Pass Plate pinch Carry

5 Burpee Pull ups

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