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Oct 3-Oct 8


A. Hang Snatch+Snatch@65,70,70,75,75,80%

-every 2 minutes

B. Pause Deadlift-x2x5-pause 2 sec below knee and 4 sec lower to floor

10 rounds-1 every 3 min

5 Ring MU, BarMU, CTB (scale is 5 ring rows/5 push ups)

50 FT Heavy Sandbag Carry

Easy "machine" until the 3 minute mark


A. Bench Press-build to a tough 5, then hit 3 sets of 5 @80% of that number

B. Wall Handstand Hold OR plank Holdx30 secx4

C. Seated Overhead Tricep Extensionsx8x3

20 min EMOM

minute one; 10-12 Lateral Hops over bar

minute 2; 3-5 wall walks or plank walkouts

minute 3; DB Shoulder to Overhead

minute 4; 3-5 DB manmakers or devil press


A. Power Clean+Jerk EMOM 9-building to 75-80%

-if you are newer do

A1-Romanian Deadliftx5x5

A2-DB Overhead Pressx5x5

B. Back Squatx4x3@75%, x2x3@80%

1000/800M Row

12 Front Squats

bar facing burpees until 6 mintues

1000/800M Row

12 Front Squats

burpees to target until 12 mintues

1000/800M Row

12 Front Squats

burpee pull ups (burpee ring row is scale) until 18 mintues

1000/800M Row

12 Front Squats

burpee box jump over until 24 mintues

*adjust row distance if needed, time should be 4 minutes or so each time


Aerobic-picka machine OR run, you dont have to do the same thing every time

5 min ON:30 sec offx4

Rest 2 min

4 min ON: 30 sec offx4

Rest 2 min

3 min ON: 30 sec offx4

Rest 2 min

2 min ON:30 sec offx4

Rest 2 min

1 min ON:30 sec offx4


A. Dipsx3x5

B. HSPU or Push Upx5x6

C. Body Rowsx3x8

D. Strict Pull up or Box Assistx8x1

E. 1 Legless Rope Climb OR 4 assistedx3


Bike Cals

Pull Ups



Teams of 2-reps split!


400M Farmers Carry

400M Sled Push

200M DBALL run

200M Tire Flip

200M Lunge

200M Sandbag or DBALL carry

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