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Oct 17-22

Updated: Oct 21, 2022



10 min EMOM

min1- 30 sec FLR or plank

min2-30 sec dual kb fr carry

8 rounds

8 bar facing burpees

8 ground to overhead@95/65



A. Reverse Grip Bench-build to a tough 10

Then 3 sets of 7@65% of the 10rm

B1. ZPressx8x3

B2. Box handstand holdx95 secx3

C pull upsx8x3

D commando pull upsx6x4

60 sec max mu, ctb, pullups

rest 60

60 sec max dubs or singles

rest 60

60 sec max ghd or abmat

rest 3 min

12 min emom

1-30% of pullups

2-50% of dubs

3-30% of situps


A. Hang Power Snatchx2x5@45,50,55,60,60% B. Hang Power Clean+Push Jerk (2+2)


21 min emom

min1-18/12 cal C2 bike

min2-14 single db box stepups

min3-6 squat clean thrusters

*if the rests are getting too short, add in a minute of rest after minute 9, 12, 15 etc


60 sec max rope climb

60 sec rest

60 sec max tuck or l sit

60 sec rest

60 sec mac push ups

rest 3 min

12 min emom

1-1 rope climb

2-50% of lsit

3-30% of pushups

4 rounds-one every 5 minutes

15-20 T2B (no more than 2 sets a round)

500/400m ski

50 ft db front rack lunges



Bike 30 cals

30 dual kb hang snatch

30 front squats

30 hspu

row 50 cals

50 kb deadlifts

50 air squats

50 single arm db clean and press

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