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Nov. 28-Dec. 3


A. Hang Snatch+OHS+Snatch with pause in receipt+Snatch

x3 sets-last set should be a bit heavier than last set last week

B. Snatch EMOM 9

2 reps on 1st, 4th, and 7th


15 min EMOM

1-12/9 Cal Bike

2-50 FT Dual KB/DB FR Lunges

3-25 DU+6 Front Squats

At 20 min

3 rounds

12/9 Cal Bike

50 FT FR Lunge25 DU

6 Front Squats


A. Back Squatx4x4@75-85%, build

B1 DB Rear Delt Flyx10x4

B2 Hip Thrustsx12x4

B3 Strict pull upxmax setx4

B4 Side Planksx45 sec/sidex4

3 rounds

10 DB hang Clean and Jerk@heavy (5/side)

10 Burpee box jump overs

10/8 Cal Row

Rest 2 min after each set

3 rounds

6 Muscle Up, CTB, Pull up

12 Toes to Rings or T2B

18/15 Cal ski

Rest 2 min between sets


A. Deadliftx5x5-between 80 and 88%, build if you can

B. Bench Pressx5x5-between 75% and 85%, build if you can

C. 3 Sandbag Clean+100FT Carryx4

4 rounds

Run 200M

20 Push Ups

20 Wall Ball

1 Legless or 2 rope climbs




8 Sets

400M fast

300M Easy

No rest


A. Clean from Power Positionx2x4

B. Clean+FS+Clean+Jerk+Cleanx2 sets

C. Clean and Jerkx2 sets

D. Pause FSx3x6-heavier than last week

3 rounds

25/20 Cal row

9 Bar MU (CTB=12, Pull up/Ring Row=15)

9 Power Clean and Jerk@Heavyish


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