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May 15-22

Updated: May 16, 2023


A. Back Squat EMOM 10-6 reps between 65 and 75%*

*if you cannot complete EMOM, go to every 90 seconds, you can also use as light as 50%

B. DB Walking Lungex20 stepsx4

20 Deadlifts

10 Bar MU (Burpee Pull Ups)

15 Deadlifts

20 CTB or Jumping CTB

10 Deadlifts

30 Pull Ups

5 Deadlifts

40 T2B

Increase your deadlift weight each set if possible but never heavy. Last set should be challenging but still able to pull the 5 unbroken


A. Sots Pressx5x4

B. Snatch Pull+Hang Snatch+Snatch-heavy complex for the day

C. Snatch-3 singles heavier than B

D. Snatch Pullx3x3-#10 lbs heavier than B

400M Run


40 GHD

20 Sandbag Squats

120 FT Sandbag Carry

20 GHD

10 Sandbag Cleans

120 FT Sandbag Carry


A. Push Pressx2x4@85%, x2x4@90% x1x2-above 90%, then continue up to a heavy single if it feels great

B. 90 seconds to complete max set of weighted dips, max set of dips, max set of push ups

Rest 2 minx4

(sub is max dip hold, max set of push ups-assisted if needed, plank hold remaining time)

20 HSPU (sub is DB STO)

20 BarMU (sub for this today is Dips or push ups)-if you came monday, do ringmu

20 HSPU (sub is DB Bench)

Time Cap of 5 minutes-pick movements you can motor through

At 5 minutes

100 DU

50 CTB or Pull ups

100 Double OH DB Lunge (suitcase lunge or unweighted is sub)


Make up a Day


40 min AMRAP

2 minute machine

100 FT Sled Push

400M Run

100 FT Sled Drag

150 FT Farmers Carry


A. Clean+Jerk+Clean+Jerk+Cleanx4-between 80 and 90%

B. Pause Front Squat+Front Squat (2+1)x4-between 80 and 90%

5 rounds

1 Rope Climb

12 T2B

10 Box Jump Overs



30 Snatch or Clean and Jerk-6 min cap

rest 1 min

36/24 Cal Row

200 FT Bear Crawl

6 min cap

Rest 2 minutes

With a partner

15 min AMRAP

1000M Row

40 Thrusters


A. Deadlift EMOM 10-6 reps between 65 and 75%

B. Bench Pressx5x6-increase every 2 sets-between 75 and 85%


1-12/9 cal ski

2-50 Crossover singles or regular

3-10/7 Cal Bike

4-3 RingMU or 3 VERY CHALLENGING Push ups, Dips ETC

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