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March 27-April 2


A. Back Squatx5x5@65%

B. Front Foot Elevated Split Squatx6/sidex4


10 Thrusters@heavyish

20 Cal C2 Bike or Row

2 Tough Pull

8 Thrusters

20 Cal Bike or Row

1 Tough Pull

6 Thrusters

20 Cal Bike or Row

Rest 5 Min

5 Tough Pull

10 DB Snatch@heavy AF

20 Cal Ski or Row

4 Tough Pull

8 DB Snatch

20 cal Ski or row

3 tough Pull

6 DB Snatch

20 Cal Ski or row

***Tough Pull is Rope Climb or Strict Pull up IF those are hard for you. If strict pull ups are easier OR if doing ASST pullup and easier than all pulling is x3


A. Muscle Snatch+Sots Press (3+5)x4@warm up weight!

B. Snatch Pull+Hang Snatch+Snatchx3 sets

C. Snatch Pullx3x3@10 pounds over B

50 Crossover single under OR DU or something challenging

50 FT HSWALK or 100 FT Bear Crawl

30 T2b or HKR

2 min Rest

30 Crossovers

10 VERY TOUGH Inverted Press (HSPU or equivalent, or VERY HEAVY PRESS)

30 CTB, Pull up

2 min Rest

3 Hand over Hand Sled Pulls (1 is 50 FT)

200 FT HSWALK or 400FT Bear Crawl

3 Hand over Hand Sled Pulls


A. Push Pressx5x5@65%

B. Single Arm DB Benchx8/armx3

C. Single Arm DB Overhead Pressx8/armx3

3 rounds

:15 Ring Support Hold

:15 Ring Dip Hold

:15 False Grip Hold at chest*

:15 false grip hold at 90*

:15 false grip dead hang*

:30 push up ring hold

*If you cannot false, hold standard grip, if you cant do a pull up, HANG for :45

4 rounds (1 minute to complete each movement)

Max set VERY HARD HSPU or variation

Max set Piked HSPU

Max reps wall walks

Rest 2 min between sets




A. Clean and Jerk (2+1)x3 sets@70%

B. Front Squatx3x4@70%

3 rounds

4 Muscle ups (8 Dips)

5 Cleans@75%



1-:30 any machine@80% effort

2-10-15 reps of ANY gymnastics skill


3 rounds

30 Cal Ski or 40 Cal Row

10 Wall Walks

40 GHD Situps

4 Sandbag Cleans@heavy AF

400M Run

42 Deadlifts

42 Bar Facing Burpees


A. Deadliftx5x5@65%


1-15/12 cal Row

2-7-12 Pull ups

3-12-16 Box Jump Overs

4-:40 Max Distance HSWALK, Bear Crawl OR carry

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