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Team Challenge is over.

The 5 week challenge is over and I was very impressed by the effort put forth by our members. Sometimes in these challenges, people tend to get hyper focused on ONE element. For this one, because of the size of the weekly tasks that were given, they became paramount for most everyone. And while I will admit they were quite difficult ( I don't think anyone will forget the moving weight task!!!), in the end each task was only worth 10 points. Meeting your nutrition goal was worth 20 points PER PERSON.

Why? Because nutrition is fundamental to everything we do. Energy for workouts, lower bodyfat, improved mood and better sleep are all linked to your diet.

If anyone needs help with nutrition contact me and I will set you up with Hanna!

Anniversary Party

Our 5th year anniversary party will be THIS Saturday, July 20th. We will have a team workout at 9AM, softball (depending on weather) in the afternoon and then a pool party at Joe Cascone's house (8 Meredith Lane in New Milford). If you want to come to the workout OR the cookout, you must sign up at the front desk. Please DO NOT bring new guests to the workout, but family members of course are allowed to come to the party (please indicate this on the sign up).

Beast Wars/Leagues are back

Our team Beast Wars will be Saturday, September 21st. Teams are MM or FF and it is a great way to try a comp for the first time. PLEASE sign up soon. It is going to be a great time for sure! And if you sign up for a 3 person league (starting September 30th), you get a free entry into Beast Wars! See me for details on either.


You know I am not afraid of a little heat, but over 90 and we are getting a little dangerous so starting tomorrow until the 90 degree wave is over (supposed to be 98 Saturday!!!), the AC will be ON.

Skill Classes/This Blog

I am bringing back skill classes. The first one will be July 28th@10AM and will be on butterfly pullups.

I will be using this blog until further notice for announcements and hopefully will add some extra content to read if anyone is interested. I will post a space for blog suggestions on the whiteboard.

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