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July 17-24


A. Hang Snatch+Snatch+OHSx4 sets-tough, feel it out

B. Back Squat-:45 max reps@70%x4-rest as needed

20 min AMRAP

5 DB Snatch one arm

25 FT one arm overhead DB lunge

10 cal row

5 DB snatch other arm

25 FT other arm OH db lunge

10 cal row


A. Barbell Bent Over Rowx8x5

B. Segmented Strict Pull upx1x4-pick a time you can hold for all three positions, example hang for 10 seconds, pull to halfway and hold for 10, chin over bar for 10. These can be done with a barbell assist and legs too.

C. Strict Pull up (CTB if you have them)x3-5x4

5 rounds

50 DU

5 Muscle Up or burpee pull up

10 power Clean@115/75


A. Push Pressx4x6@85%

B. Single Arm DB Strict Pressx8/sidex6

1 set every 10 minutes for 3 sets

1000M Row

20 HIGH box jumps

100ft sled push

60 FT HSWALK or 120 ft bear crawl



6 sets

1 min@easy (18-20 Strokes/Minute, work on pulling slower and stronger)

3 min@easy(22+S/M, try to stay at same pace but with a higher tempo)

1 min@22+ but HARD pulls

Rest 90 after each set


A. Clean+Jerkx2x4@80-85%

B. Deadliftx3x6@80%

5 rounds

500M Ski

10 Deadlifts@225/155

15 T2B


1000M Row


50 GHD

30 Thrusters

800 M Run

24 Push Ups

50 GHD

24 Thrusters

50 Cal Bike


50 GHD

18 Thrusters



1-12/9 Cal Row (if you can push up 1 cal or 2 do it)

2-4 Burpee Pull ups

3-12/9 Cal Ski

4-6-8 Burpee Box Overs

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