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Friday Oct 22-Mon November 1


A. Power Clean and Power Jerkx2 reps EMOM 10-start at 70% and build if possible

B. HSPU Negatives-1 rep every 45 secx10

5 rounds

150 M Row

6 burpees

6 t2B

6 DB Power Clean and Jerk

30 double unders (60 Singles)


Partner DVB

Run 1 mile with a 20-lb. medicine ball

Then, 8 rounds of:

10 wall-ball shots

1 rope ascent

Run 800 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball

Then, 4 rounds of:

10 wall-ball shots

1 rope ascent

Run 400 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball

Then, 2 rounds of:

10 wall-ball shots

1 rope ascent


Run 400M-harder

Jog 200M Easy

Run 200M Hard

Jog 200M Easy

Rest 2 min x3

AMRAP-as long as the run took

500 M Row

30 Jumping Lunges

30/20 Cal AB

30 ALT DB Snatch


A1. Strict Pull upx5x5 hardest variation possible-tempo if possible, ring if possible

A2. Ring Support Holdx30 secx5

B1. Muscle up transitions (strict)x5x3

B2. hand over Hand Sled drag-up and back gymx3

8 min AMRAP

10 Hollow Rocks

:15 Hollow Hold

10 Arch Ups

:15 Arch Hold

5 Strict T2B/HKR

:10 Tuck or L sit

20 Abmat sit ups

Rest 5 min

12 min AMRAP

10 DU

3 Pull ups

3 T2B

20 DU

6 Pull ups

6 T2B

30 DU

9 pull ups

9 T2b

40 DU

12 pull ups

12 T2B

50 DU

If you finish 50 DU, go back to 10 DU


A. Snatch feel, try to hit one every 30 seconds

B. Front Squatx2x5@80%

1000 M Row

100 Wall Ball

*EMOM complete 3 or 5 burpees


A. Deadliftx3x4@85%

B1. Barbell Hip Thrustsx8x3

B2. GHD Hip Extensionsx10x3

7 Rounds

15 Box Jumps

15 KBS


A. Clean and Jerkx2x2@70% x1x3@75%

B1. BTN Snatch Push Pressx5x3 off feel (DB Strict Press)

B2. Handstand Hold/Walk Work




Ring Dip


A. Back Squatx3x3@80% x2x2@80%

B1. Pendlay Rowx5x3

B2. DB Bicep Curlsx10x3

8 min AMRAP

Run 200 M

1 Rope Climb-legless if possible

Rest 3 min


Run 200 M

5 Strict/8 kipping pull ups




With a partner-switch complete rounds

Row 500M (Bike 40/30 Cals)

15 burpees over the ERG

15 KBS

x6 EACH-12 total rounds

AFTER ROUND 6, REST 3 minutes


A. Back Squat-Build to a heavy single (if first 1 RM, get an estimated 1RM from a tough triple or double: If brand new, 5x5)

B. Weighted Pull up-heavy single

10 min on clock

3 Pull ups-if you have CTB/ Bar MU, do them for first 3 rounds


6 Pull Ups


9 Pull ups


12 Pull Ups

12 OHS

15 Pull ups

12 OHS

18 Pull Ups

12 OHS

21 Pull ups

18 OHS

24 Pull ups

18 OHS

27 Pull ups

18 OHS

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