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Feb. 28-Mar 6


A. Back Squatx10x5@55%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

B1. HSPU or Push Up SLOW negativex2x4 (aim for 20 seconds!)

B2. CG Bench Pressx10x4

30 Clean and Jerk (Full Squat)

30 ALTERNATING Front Rack Lunges in place-less weight if necessary


A. Power Snatch EMOM 10-2 perfect reps building if possible

B1. High Ring Pull up or Ring Rowx3x5

B2. Bar Hangx45 sec-1 minutex5

15 min AMRAP

Row 15 or Bike 10 Cal

15 Pull ups

15 GHD Sit ups

**in bigger groups, GHDs will be rotated (sub for GHD is 30 Abmat Situps)


A. High Hang Cleanx3x5@50-60%...SPEED! DROP UNDER!!

B. 10 minutes

:20 sec BOAT POSE

10 Leg Lowering Abs

:20 sec Tuck Sit

10 Arch Ups

F*&^ these DBS

5 rounds

10 Box Step Overs



*every drop of the DBS is 10 Burpees


A. Front Squatx10x5@55%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

Jeanine's Request-From CFNE

1 Mile Run

21 KBS

21 Goblet Squats

800 M Run

15 KBS

15 Goblet Squats

400 M Run


9 Goblets Squats


A. Snatch Pullx5x5@100%

B1. Weighted Pull upx3x5

B2. Bicep Curlsx10x5

Open 22.2


Teams of 2

30 Wall Ball each-can be performed at same time

100 M Lunge-one person always holding an "object" (KB, wall ball, plate, sandbag)

30 Wall Ball each

50 HSPU-partner must hold a handstand (if doing push ups, partner must hold plank)

30 Wall Ball each

100 M Lunge-one person holding an object

30 Wall Ball each


Run 400 M, Rest 1 minute

Run 400 M, Rest 2 minutes

(Row would be 500M)


20/10 cal AB

15 KBS

10 Burpees

SPRINT (Always rest x3 work)


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