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Feb. 21-28


A. Power Cleanx3x6@65% (touch and Go if possible)

B1. Prone Bench Rowsx10x4

B2. Ring Hangx30 seconds (false grip if possible)

Helen PLUS

3 rounds

Run 600 M

30 KBS

15 Pull ups-CTB if possible


A. Back Squatx10x5@55%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

B. EMOM 12

Minute 1: 10-20 Push Ups

Minute 2: 5 HIGH box jumps

Minute 3: 5 Strict t2B/HKR+20 sec plank

15 min AMRAP

First 5 minutes

5 Cleans

5 Box Jumps

Second 5 minutes

5 Cleans-heavier

5 box jump overs

Third 5 minutes

5 Cleans-again heavier

5 Burpee box jumps


A. Romanian Deadliftx8x4-NO ROUNDING!!!! (build from last time)

B1. Landmine Rotationsx10/sidex3

B2. Medball Rotational Throwsx5/sidex3

5 rounds

30 DU

20 ALT DB Snatch

10 T2B


A. High Hang Snatchx3x5@50-60%...SPEED! DROP UNDER!!

B1. Tempo Strict Pull upx3x4

B2. 1 Arm KB Rowx8/sidex4

1 minute stations:

Rope Climb

DBALL over shoulder

Pull ups





A. Front Squatx10x5@55%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

B1. Box Walksx180 degrees each wayx3

B2. OH Stability Bar holdx30 secx3

50 Cal AB

2 rounds of:

25 Thrusters

25 Bar Facing Burpees


Teams of 2

100 Push Ups

75 Box Jump Overs





75 Box Jump Overs

100 Push Ups

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