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Feb 14-21


A. Front Squatx5x2@75% x5x3@80%

B1. Lateral Bench Jumpsx5/sidex3

B2. Reverse Crossover DB Lungex5/sidex3

50 Cal Row

50 T2B (If you came for Sunday, you can do GHD or 100 Abmat)

50 Wall Ball

50 Box Jump Overs


A. Power Clean+Hang Squat Clean (1+2)x2@70% x3@75%

B1. Strict TEMPO Pull upx3x5

B2. DB Bicep Curlsx10x5

20/15 Cal AB

7 DBALL over shoulder

1 Rope Climb-legless if possible

Restx2 work x5

These are SPRINTS


A. Power Snatch+Hang Squat Snatch (1+2)x2@70% x3@75%

B1. Jerkx3x2@75% x3x3@80%

B2. Body Tightenersx30secx5

15 Min AMRAP

Run 400 M

15 Push Ups (If you have HSPU do 8)

Run 200 M

15 Burpees

Run 100 M

15 STO


A. Back Squatxx6x5@75%

B. 15 min on clock

20 sec Hollow hold+10 alternating Tuck or V Ups

20 sec Arch Hold+10 alternating arch ups

10 sec side plank hold+5 side plank ups/side

Rest as needed-aim for 5 sets

5 Rounds

500 M Row

20 DB Snatch

40 Air Squats


A1. Pegboard 1 ascent (if you cannot do pegboard-pegboard pull ups 3 reps OR Ring Row Single arm pullsx3/side)x3

A2. KB Rowx8/sidex3 (Hold false grip if possible)




Box Jump

*reps should be fast and UB

Rest 3 minutes

100 M walking lunge

80 Wall Ball

60 pull ups-ctb if possible

40 push ups-hspu if possible

20 power cleans-heavy

100 M walking lunge


Teams of 3-TUNNEL Style

35 minutes on the clock:

5 rounds

18/14 Cal AB Each

12 Power Snatch-light

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rest until 3rd person is through tunnel and then repeat

If you finish the bike, move to "pick'em" station:

Pick ONE

15 Rope Climbs

45 DBALL over shoulder

90 Ball Slams-2 people work

120 KBS-oner person works

After pick em station, move to second tunnel:

5 rounds

20/15 Cal Rower

15 T2B




With a partner

5 rounds

800 M Run

30 C&J

30 Pull ups

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