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Dec 5-Dec 10


A. Snatch EMOM 12-Heavier than last week!


Minute 1-15/12 cal row

Minute 2-6 Power Snatch+6 OHS

Minute 3-10/7 Cal Bike

Minute 4-1 Rope Climb+25 FT HSWALK or 50 FT Bear Crawl


A. Back Squatx3x6-start at 75% and build up to 90%

MAX SET of HSPU or Push Ups into

20 Hang Squat Cleans

Rest 2 min

MAX SET of Bar MU/Strict Pull up/Ring Row


Rest 2 min

MAX SET of kipping CTB/Pull up or Dual DB Row

20 GHD

Rest 2 min

MAX Set of Ring MU or Dips or DB bench

30 Wall Ball

Rest 4 min

Complete a second round of everything with HALF the max set reps


A. Deadliftsx4x8-80-90%

B. Bench Pressx4x5-75-85%

2:30 on/1 min offx4

10 Shuttle Runs

10 Burpee box jump overs

Max Thrusters@95/65


Aerobic Pick or do both!

5 sets

1000M Row

Rest 1:30 between sets


3 sets

1200M Run

1 min rest

400M Run

1 min Rest

200M Run

Rest 3 min


A. Clean from Power Positionx2x4

B. Clean+FS+Clean+Jerk+Clean-a touch heavier than last weekx2

C. Clean and Jerkx2-same

D. Pause FSx3x6-a bit heavier than last week , last set about 80%


1-6 Power Cleans

2-10-15 HSPU or Push ups

3-:20 to :30 heavy Farmers HOLD

Rest 5 min

40 Power Cleans

30 GHD

40 KB Deadlift

30 T2B

40 Front Squats


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