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August 14-20


A. Hang Snatch+Snatch+ OHS -build to a heavy single

B. Paused Hang Snatch Pullsx3x3@120% of snatch-the pause is in the hang

5 rounds

50 ft sled pull

100 fr sled push

15 box clears


A. Back Squatx3x8@65%

B. Single Leg RDLx10/legx4-6 sets

C. Heavy KBSx20x4-6 sets

120 DU

40 OHS

12 Muscle Up or burpee pull ups

40 Power Snatch

8 Muscle Up or burpee pull ups


A. Push Pressx5x5@65%

B1-Bar Dipsx10x4

B2-:10-:20 L Sitx4


CTB or Pull up


Rest 2 min after each set

Round1-Power Clean

Round 2-Front Squat

Round 3-Thruster

Round 4-Hang Power Clean


Run 2000M

Rest 2 min



A. Clean and Jerk-build to a heavy double

B. Deadliftx6x3@75%

12 min AMRAP

8 Deadlifts

10 bar facing burpees

60 ft hswalk


With a partner

30 min

16 DB Devil Press

40 cal row

120 DU

40 t2B

70 Wall Ball



1-15/12 cal row

2-2 Rope climbs

3-12/9 cal bike

4-100 Ft Heavy Farmers Carry

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